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The objective of this association shall be to promote the science and practice of water and wastewater treatment and handling; to promote cooperation among the membership, institutions of learning and public health agencies; to protect tenure of service operatorsby means of progressive certification and licensing; and to enable each Tennessee community to benefit from the experience of others, thus making Tennessee a better andhealthier state in which to live.






Dear Tennessee Water and Wastewater Association Member,

The executive committee would like to extend a simple and short reminder to all members amidst the numerous and much appreciated communications on COVID-19.

Our group has an abundance of operational, administrative, water/wastewater resource contacts, as well as regulatory agency contacts.  If you need assistance, please reach out to the executive committee or your local TWWA section’s leadership team.  You never know, you may be the one we assist or you may be the contact that can provide assistance.

The executive board would also like to take this opportunity to recognize each of our members.  Those in the water/wastewater industry work behind the scenes to provide and maintain safe water systems that is vital at all times as well as times of crisis.

Contacts us through our Facebook page (Tennessee Water and Wastewater Association) or email us at twwalowereast@gmail.com.


Best Regards,

The TWWA Executive Committee

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